Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for a First Time Cooker

Cooking meals for myself has been a learning curve, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Over the past year, I have learned some quick and easy breakfast ideas to add to my arsenal. They are literally the easiest things to make. Some of them you can get pre-made and some of them you make completely from scratch. I promise they will make your belly happy and start your day on the right foot. On the plus side, none of these meals take more than twenty to thirty minutes because waking up an hour earlier to cook breakfast in the morning is a NO.

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Quick, Easy Snacks and Meals to Make With Bread

This year has been full of a whirlwind of growth including my cooking skills. I have had to learn how to cook or else I would starve. I am not exactly sure how much my cooking skills have grown, but I am still alive.

When I first started living in my apartment, I started off really strong with grocery shopping and meal prepping but along the way that tapered off. I find myself starving ALL the time. So, now I have challenged myself to come up with as many quick and easy meals with certain staple items, and I am kicking it off with bread. It is such a quintessential item in the kitchen and does not require much time. Making it perfect for me.

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14 Things to do in Deep Ellum

DeAndrea sitting on bench smiling

When I first moved to Dallas, Deep Ellum was the first area that I visited. My roommate and I were looking for things to do in Dallas and I came across the 42 Murals project, which is a project to showcase local artist talent in the Deep Ellum area. We spent a day looking at murals and taking pictures because what more can a girl ask for? Over the past year, I have continuously found myself in Deep Ellum whether it was to hang out with friends for brunch at Stirr or a night out at Independent and OTR.

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Best Dallas Coffee Shops to Hang Out With Your Girls

Blogger friend and I at Verbena Parlor Coffee

Coffee shops are my latest obsession. Not only are they good to study at, go check out my Best Dallas Coffee Shops to Get Work Done post, but they are also a great place to hang with friends and network. The best thing about it is it won't break your bank.

I was inspired to write this post after attending my first blogger coffee meetup with Rhonda Jenkins from The Skinny Arm. The coffee meetup was at a new coffee shop in Lower Greenville called La La Land Kind Cafe, and it was adorable. It had a bright, airy vibe, and the decor was a vibrant yellow. If I could describe the place with a song, it would be "I am walking on sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. Essentially, it was the best place to have chosen to meet new people because the vibe just made you happy and sparked conversation.

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10 Best Dallas Coffee Shops to Study and Get Work Done

These past two months I have spent a lot of time at coffee shops applying for jobs. So much fun (note the sarcasm). Anyway during this time, I was able to learn a little more about the coffee scene in Dallas and discover which coffee shops are phenomenal places to go study or get work done. So, if you are like me and find it difficult to work at home this post is for you. Here are my top choices for the best places to get your ish done.

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